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Welcome To Cedar River First Nations Community

A 501(C) (3) Non Profit Organization







Cedar River First Nations was founded in 1999, by Native American volunteers as a spiritual community based organization, mandated to improve the status of Native Americans, and to foster inter-cultural understanding.

C.R.F.N.C. welcomes all who share our view of Native American culture, tradition and spirituality.

C.R.F.N.C. also sponsors programs in cultural enrichment through a performing arts program and also provides referrals to those that are in need of recovery


                                                 Mission Statement

To engage and promote Native American Spirituality, Cultural Diversity and Traditions.  

• To build, mobilize and act as an Urban Native American Spiritual Community. 

• To promote whole person wellness. 

• To promote Spiritual Health.

  • To promote spiritual health to Native American Veterans and abroad 
  • To diversify the community by involving members of all walks of life and beliefs. 
  • • To create a Tiospaye (extended family) of community members. 



  • Counseling
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Recovery of spirit
  • wedding officiant
  • death coach for those that are getting ready to pass and may have a chronic illness.
  • Spiritual care while you are in the hospital
  • Feeding the hungry food program
  • Food Bank
  • Funeral Services
  • Weekly sweat lodge ceremonies
  • Certified Native American studies program
  • Bi weekly drum circles
  • healing thru feeling out reach veteran program
  •  Peer Support
  • Marriage Counseling