Pastoral Counseling

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The  Cedar River First Nations Community Pastoral Counseling Service (CRFNC) assists people with various personal and relational difficulties, including:

• Depression
• Stress

substance abuse
• Individual Identity
• Relationship conflicts: such as couple or parent/child discord
• Life adjustments: such as death, divorce, or job loss • Religious


  Our ordained counselor is trained to address these and other issues with care and confidentiality. If appropriate, referrals are made to other professionals for psychological, psychiatric, as well as referrals and treatment for substance abuse or medical evaluation. Clients may contact CRFNC directly or be referred by someone such as a pastor, lawyer, physician, or friend. Clients are seen by appointment only. 

 Why Pastoral Counseling? 

Counseling is a special resource intended to help people deal with their problems and difficulties in a supportive and understanding environment. The pastoral dimension enables the counseling to be more comprehensive, while providing continuity for people who have a church or faith affiliation. Many personal and relational struggles have a religious or spiritual facet. Pastoral counseling attempts to address the multiple factors involved in counseling by integrating the best of psychological and theological perspectives. CRFNC counselors do not promote their own individual religious views. Rather, the religious beliefs of the client are respected and
clients are encouraged to participate in religious traditions according to their own preference.

 Should you or someone you know have an interest in receiving pastoral counseling at CRFNC, please contact our office by calling  319-329-3752

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