Traditional Healing

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Native American Connections believes that culture & spirituality are essential to healing. Native American traditional healing ceremonies are interwoven with research-based practices throughout our health programs. The smell of smoke from the fire and the sound of drumming and songs draw our participants to the Sweat Lodge as they prepare for the ceremony that provides purification and healing.

Traditional healing practices include:

  • Sweat Lodge
  • Smudging and purification
  • Talking Circle
  • Songs and drumming
  • Red Road teachings
  • Native art and crafts
  • Storytelling
  • Cultural presentations
  • Positive Indian Parenting
  • Circle of Strength

Talking Circle

As in ancient circles of elders, people sit in a circle, listen deeply, and speak from the heart. The Talking Circle begins with prayer provided by the Traditional Practitioner conducting the ceremony. Participants may smudge or purify with the smoke from sacred herbs. A feather or talking stick is passed around the circle, in a sunwise direction, to each participant. Holding the feather serves as an invitation and as encouragement to speak from a place of sincerity and truthfulness. The Talking Circle provides a place for healing and resolving trauma and an opportunity to speak heart-truth without interruption, criticism, or judgment.

Sweat Lodge

As with our ancestors, the Sweat Lodge is a purification ceremony. Preparations for the Sweat Lodge are conducted in a sacred manner by cleaning and caring for the grounds, building and tending the fire, and covering the lodge. During the ceremony, heated stones are placed in the center of the lodge while the Sweat Lodge leader guides participants in prayer or song. The Sweat Lodge leader teaches about the lodge, Native traditions, and the use of sacred herbs and water. The Sweat Lodge, representing the womb of Mother Earth, is a sacred place to ask for healing, forgiveness, hope, vision, to give thanks, or anything else participants need during their journey of change.